Battlejack: Blackjack RPG Recenzje App

Was fun, now game developers stopped updating

March 2018 Game is still fun but the developers have stopped updating it. I don’t recommend you bother starting to play as it will likely die off soon unless developers speak up. —— Sept 2017 Started off a bit slow but within an hour I got hooked and have been for months.

Card limit

I understand limiting to 4 chests but why are cards that can only be used for upgrades taking up battle card space. Completely lame.

Fun and Interesting

While I am not a fan of the gated gameplay, everything else is interesting and fun. The mechanics are fun and you even get enough rare pulls in the beginning to get a decent deck. The size mechanic is interesting if not frustrating at the beginning when you have size 8 creatures and only a hand size of 15. The graphics music and gameplay are great!

Devs abandoned the game

Game was great until the devs abandoned the game. Abandon all hope ye who enter here

Fun game but...

Being forced to wait 45 minutes for chests to open and not being able to play is kind of rediculous


I think the game is fun and is interesting. The simplicity of play makes it an easy choice for quick go to as well. My main concern is the number of times you will be removed from the game. When contacting service it states it is your internet speeds but have found no other issues on any other app or games. I would suggest they have a quick save feature on a update to be able to resume the game you was playing as this is a regular occurrence and very frustrating. I will continue to play for now but may become tiring being booted all the time and cause my time to be spent elsewhere.

Love game 🦄❤️💘

I love the game but the level I’m on is making me mad but I love this game 💖💘🦄💋

Greed has killed the game

Used to be a my favorite. I do still like it, but not nearly as much. You’ll notice most of the negative reviews are posted after December. The most recent updates have made the game less enjoyable. I almost never pay for games with in-app purchases but I was putting money into this one on a regular basis ($8-$15 a month and more for gems... but then the devs got greedy. All recent moves are forcing p2w. Patch 2.2 and 2.3 ruined the game for me. The worst change was the escalating gem cost for energy. This made trying to progress in the game feel like rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. Use to be 50 gems for refill now 100 for first, 150 for 2nd, etc. until the next day. I would’ve been cool w increase of 25 gems each time you refill for the day but they went overboard. This is even worse when you’re trying to do a portal key run to get ghosts or gold and have to stop before your timer is out cause your gems are gone. The other really bad moves were lowering the 4* drop rate (which wasn’t great to begin) and making it way harder to get scrolls. The scroll chest they added costs way too many gems... All in all the game was a grind but it was fun. Now it just feels like a chore w not nearly enough rewards to keep it exciting. (Update: I added one more star to make 3* because it seems like some effort is being made but devs aren’t addressing some of the core concerns brought up by active players)

Cant summon Freyr

I really like this game and i have been playing for a while but when i go to the altar to summon victory god freyr only 3 of my 4 miho show up. I have all the zere, eldric, cxr, and miho all proper star requirements yet only 3 of my miho show up in the altar. I would really like this to be fixed or figure out how to get it to work.

Over testing tolerance

I’ve stalled out on this game. The acquisition of mimics is nearly impossible. They are used to upgrade the cards. In higher level cards, different mimics are needed. I’ve been playing for several months and have yet to acquire any of these mimics. Brick wall syndrome. Unfortunately... Delete. This game is a “play until you’ve had enough” game.

Started Fun, then they nerfed.

Been farming all week for new heroes. I get one in the last week. Rare summons show up much more rarely now and give 3 star dupes. What’s the point of putting hours into this game for absolutely nothing? Everything else is great. Drop rates and feeling rewarded however... non existent.

Super fun, lots of problems

First of all this game is fun, probably my favorite free to play game on the App Store. However, the game has some very serious issues with it. I have not paid for any in game purchases because of the high likelihood of the app crashing and in-game resources being lost, and if you do decide to play I suggest you do the same. Let me give an example: like most free to play games you are limited by how much you can play certain modes with energy. Unfortunately the moment you decide to play a dungeon that energy is spent and isn't coming back. This wouldn't be a big deal, but about one in eight times I play a dungeon the app crashes. That means your energy is gone, along with any drops you collected from the dungeon. This game is definitely pay to win, but the pve elements are more core to the experience and are super fun, so I don't mind. If the crashes or the way energy was handled in the crashing situations were fixed I would definitely give it 5 stars and buy a few items to support the devs. I can't really do that in its current state, however.


First I gotta say that I love this game! I can’t put it down. At first the gems to unlock loot chests worried me but I soon found that the more I play and hit the achievements and gain gems it wasn’t an issue at all. But... my one huge issue is that since the last update I get a lot of freezing during quests. I’ve been robbed of my loot chests and hero drops several times. A couple times right at the end when I’ve beaten the boss and I’m anticipating weather I’ll get his card it’s froze and shut the app down altogether. I’m a huge fan of your game and will continue to play; but I do hope you can fix this issue. When you do I’ll come back on and give you that 5 star rating you richly deserve! Thanks for the entertainment guys!

Wasted opportunity

This game used to be fun but after the reworking of energy and lack of gem Drops with new updates it’s not worth it anymore. Time to find a new game to Play

5 star worthy!!!!

I enjoy this game to no end. But I’m quickly getting frustrated with how many times the game force closes the app. I’ve lost so much due to that. The most annoying one of all is when I’m about to defeat a titan or have a good run going and it kicks me out. Not only do I lose that match and have to restart, but I also lose the materials and energy I used to start the match, PLUS I lose out on using the companion I started with. If it wasn’t for that one issue, I’d HAPPILY give this 5 stars. I’ve lost too much that I don’t know if I’ll continue playing until that is fixed. Please fix it so I can continue to enjoy this awesome game! 😭 Actually, I think I might just delete it until I see y’all make an update. Because in the last day, I’ve been forced out of 3 titan matches... and they’ve all been the SAME TITAN. His life goes right back to where it was before I started the match, yet I still lose all the energy I used to start the match. I’m over this

Great support response

Appreciate the fast response. All fixed thank you!! And a great game!!!

Very addictive, hard to develop

First of all, I dont play mobile games on daily basis but Batllejack is the one that ive been playing since ive downloaded it 3-4 weeks ago, already 40+ lvl and got 2-80 and 2-60 heroes, but it is hard asf to get heroes to 6*, almost impossible, couldnt even get 1 mimic and now im stuck. Cant beat last campaign world, cant beat 4th world on hell doificulty and now i dont even know what to do to get some stuff to develop my heroes. It would be awesome if devs added evolve material event keys so we could get mimics at least easier, it takes too much energy and drop rate is close to 0.

Good game but crashes way to much

The game play is fun and easy to pick up but the game crashes all the time. You could be in the middle of a battle and it shuts off then you go back and loose everything you were about to win Good game but needs a lot of background work still


It's a good game but has a highly annoying crashing issue

Was good

Game was good. I played a lot. Got too busy to play durning holidays and grind was getting to me. Took a month a half off. Updated and 2 times while in dungeon the game has locked and crashed. Game is very laggy now.

A lot of crashes

This game is very fun and addicting it just crashes way too often and ends up wasting your resources i think its a bug since it mostly crashes when i get 21 and im about to defeat a boss

Was fun, ruined by greed.

This new energy refill system, accompanied by the lowered drop rates, have turned the game into one big money scam. Increasing the gem price for energy was a horrible idea, and increasing it even FURTHER as you refill throughout the day is absolute garbage. You’ve made it impossible to play the game for more than 15 minutes without running out of energy, and then force the player to either quit playing the game, or pay for your godforsaken gem packs. If you care even the slightest about the community this game has, you’ll make some very heavy changes to the game. Will change to 5 stars if proper changes are made.

Game transition to straight pay to play

This game was easily the best mobile app I had ever played but it has taken a miserable turn for the worst. The marketing and monetization of the game has taken over and made the game virtually impossible to compete in without spending money. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPEND A TON OF MONEY TO COMPETE AT ALL IN A GAME THEN LOOK ELSEWHERE. On top of this they’ve broken many of the core parts of the game making them completely imbalanced or impossible to even play. I’ve never seen developers ruin a game so horribly so fast.

Like a high achieving kid from a poor family... that winds up ruining his life

If you are a new player, I strongly encourage you to invest elsewhere. Just forget about this game. It’s yet another unremarkable mobile game that aspires to be nothing more than a blip on your radar that weasels somewhere between $5 and $500 dollars from your bank account. A great game existed at one point, but they’ve decided to monetize via punishing players rather than encouraging them to spend on desired items. This makes the entire culture of the game simply unfulfilling. It’s like getting a drug addiction without ever having a first high. That’s the game you have in front of you. There are no events. The entire game exists on a cycle that is just turning and turning. There has been one single unique event since launch in August 2017: Halloween. And even then, that event was just a subtlety modified event that’s on the standard rotation. Talk about boring and lazy. You aren’t missing anything if you don’t start playing today. Changes that are implemented are not to get player interest and encourage progression, but instead are designed to get players to spend their resources for as minimal gain as possible. I hate writing a review like this for a game I’ve played so long, but really, Battlejack’s just not worth your time anymore. I’m sorry.

Good game, but can’t play

I’ve played Battlejacks for a couple of weeks now and really enjoy the game when it works. The app crashes regularly and you lose all progress and the cost of entering a dungeon or fight. Somehow, the app can keep the cost of entering and any damage you took (dark maze), but can’t track your progress. Its not uncommon to be in the middle of a fight and have the app freeze and crash. The idea is great and I have really enjoyed this game, even as it blazes through my battery, but the frequent crashes are making me consider deleting the app. Each update introduces a new hero, but keeps the crashes.

Doing it again

Telling me I have an update again, but when I get here it says it has the most current version(slaps forehead) give a break!

Great but minor bugs

I love playing this game in my spare time but recently it keeps me for playing by saying there’s a update when there’s not one and in the arena it keeps sending me back a few ranks. These aren’t game ending for me because the first one eventually fix’s it’s self and the arena is something that I can live with

Great Game! Two complaints though.

I love the game and play it a lot, but two technical issues. One, it occasionally crashes right at the end of a boss fight, and you lose both your victory and the energy you used to fight it. Two, your update message comes on, but the games store does not register an update, so you are locked out of the game until the app and the store synch up, often up to a day.

Breaking the game in recent updates

I’ve played this game for a while and they have released updates in the last 2 weeks that have broken the dynamic of the game. The pay wall is getting huge and those that have played the game for a long time can barely play anymore. If you haven’t played the game yet, don’t. You will be blocked by a pay wall that won’t let you pass until you spend. Game is dying.

Great but RNG that kills

I love this game. It starts out simple, but can be really complex if you want it to be. But there are a few things (like the thorn mechanic) that are so out of whack it can ruin the game for you. The devs are good about fixing and keeping updates pouring in to keep the game fresh though. Anyone that likes Pokémon should at least give it a go.

Don't bother. Slowly ruined over time

I've been playing since it came out and this used to be a great game. However with each update, they've slowly sucked all the fun out of it and just turned it into an unapologetic, unbalanced cash grab (increasing costs, lowering drop rates, lowering quest rewards, etc). If a game feels fair and balanced, I'm happy to spend $ on premium items to give myself a boost, but this game has become a money grubbing mess and they'll never see another cent of mine


I have to start off saying that the game is great and I love to play but after leveling up pretty far I have finally had enough. This games CRASHES ALL THE TIME!!!!! What makes the crash so bad is that it is always on the last attack that would kill whatever enemy you are playing. It never crashes when you’re losing, or at the start of the battle but always at the last attack that would get you the win. I’m starting to think this is programmed in the game. On top of that you don’t get credit for the win and lose items, energy, arena points, etc. I have chosen to give this game one star because of that. If you choose to play be aware that the game is great but if it starts crashing on you don’t waste any more of your time.

Update versions

This is about the tenth time that the game tells me there is and update that I need to update on the App even links me to the App Store, but when I get there the app just says open and doesn’t have an update. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but then I have to get the developers to relink my profile. It is very frustrating. I am running an iPhone X so this really shouldn’t be an issue.

The last two updates were trash

If you're a new player looking at this, look for a new game. This used to be a great game, but The last two updates were clear that the devs really just want money and now it's incredibly pay to win. It's not fun anymore, don't bother installing.

Fun game

Good job,

Can’t play

After updating i cant get the game to play

Crashes, Costing You Real Money. And You’ll Pay to Play

Lots of crashes. Lots of microtransactions. Blatant pay-to-win. Forced reinstall after every update. Hacky and embarrassing in every way.

Ridiculous “Bully” RNG

It’s one thing to reduce the chance for a mimic chest on the two days a week it’s even possible to farm them, but this is insane. The first 3 times I ran the dungeon I received a mimic card either as a drop or in a chest. After that I’ve ran it 12 times and not received a mimic card ONCE. If you are going to put a limit on it per week just DISABLE THE DUNGEON after the limit is reached. I’m wasting countless energy and you guys are starting to feel crooked for allowing it.

Awkwardly bad at genuine probabilities

Awkwardly bad at portraying any kind of genuine probabilities in both card numbers and kind. You'll notice an incredible amount of 22s and 23s when you are choosing to draw on 12s and 13s. Moreover, you'll notice many times drawn card types that fail to match any of your heroes' types. These poor probabilities are even worse for pvp. To simplify this review: it's a gambling app. Update: As difficulty goes up, the probabilities of drawing a needed number or card type go down, making it a double whammy in terms of difficulty. A very nice approach for a company striving to increase gem use and in turn create revenue via gem purchases. **Be prepared to spend $100s or play the game for years just to come close to beating all the levels.**

Great game but....

You guys are killing me with the Micro transactions. What is the point the of loot tickets if it still consumes energy. The new update was the first one that did not benefit the game, and made it it less fun. IMO. I understand you need to profit but it’s getting a little out of control.

Fun Game, but Easy to Loose Real $$$

Game is a lot of fun if you like to grind. The game will not protect you from wasting resources or spending money accidentally. I lost $40 when a knuckle grazed my screen. No confirmation screen - $$$ gone. Be careful with this app. Reaching out directly to the app creator did nothing except get a we’ll look into this message, but cannot offer any refunds.

Too often it’s more frustrating than fun.

I keep coming back to it, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to give it less than four stars. I have a collector’s mentality, and I love blackjack. So there’s a lot about this game that appeals to me. But throwing good resources after bad over and over and over again in failed attempts to level-up the same rune is maddening. There should be a maximum number of failed tries, after which you get the level-up. Plus, the whole rune thing is too confusing, generally speaking. For all of the time I’ve spent playing around with them, I still don’t get how the “quality” property should factor into your collection strategy. But it’s colorful and fun to play, except for all of the times you CAN’T play because you’re out of one thing or another. All of those things are for sale, of course. Give it a try. You don’t necessarily have to spend a single dime.

Proof this game is more fun than any other

This game is so much fun the developers just came up with a new way to complete stages and now there’s 3 but if having the computer auto play for you and watching your “cards” attack sounds like too much fun now you can pay to avoid even watching your deck and just collect the rewards. I hear the next update will allow the app to auto delete itself after a $10 donation

Great game


Updates causing issues

This is the only game that when it requires an update, it puts the game on hold for one to three days (or more). I hate it because I have a gem subscription and I doubt I’m getting my daily gems. Although, customer support is good at replying, they are bad at honoring players losses. Per example, many times I lost energy due to glitches (particular dungeon lvl), but CSR told me they couldn’t honor my losses even though they knew about the glitch (other players complained about the same issue). This is the only game I have ever played that doesn’t try to give back some sort of recompense to the player after the developer’s glitch... Overall, I enjoyed the Battlejack scheme.

Great game but won’t let me update and play

I played this game SO much. Yesterday when they were doing some maintenance.. i got kicked out and now it won’t let me back in it. It says update available and brings me to where I can update it. However it won’t update. It just brings me back to the game telling me to update. It doesn’t give me an update option. Just keeps sending me back and forth

RIP Battlejack 2/6/18

I pay $5 a month for the 1600 gems (50 p/day) and it’s my last renew now that you’ve doubled+ the energy refill cost from 50 gems to 100, 150, 200, 250, etc. Before I would burn through gems which would require I buy the package. Now you’ve fubar’d pricing, it’s not even worth sticking around to play. GGWP.

Mostly fun until you can’t play

Well right now everytime I run the app. I get a message saying, “An updated version of this game is available” and when I click the message to update it brings me to the App Store and it just says “open” for the app— not update. This is the 2nd device it has done this on with the latest update so I guess I’ll just pay again whenever I’m allowed to again and hopefully before I get kicked out of my guild for inactivity. (;

Mostly good, sometimes annoying

I like the game overall, but there are a few things that bother me. 1. Frequently I try to open the game and it tells me I need to update. Then I go to the App Store and there is no update available. Sometimes I am unable to play for several days for this reason. 2. Every time the game is updated there are new notification icons added to encourage you to buy/build/upgrade. Too many notification icons! 3. All the pop up ads asking me to buy different packs or showing me special bundles to purchase gems or rare summons or ghosts to level up characters. Get out of my face! I get that it’s a free game and they need to advertise in-app purchases to make money, but it seems a bit aggressive.


Often times when I’m playing the game, my life would still be well above zero, I’ve killed the boss yet it pops up that I lost. If it happened once or twice I’d be fine but it’s been frequent.

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