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A blast to play but crashes crashes crashes. If you lose to a Titan or in Story, you can use gems to revitalize yourself and continue. On Hell difficulty, this is almost part of the game plan. But as soon as you lose sometimes, the app closes out without the opportunity to revive. You lose all cards and gold and have to start the battle over.

Great Game

Fun game, don’t have to spend tons of money to get powerful hero's or level up. Tutorial is fast but it shows you what you need to do to be successful!


What is the adv filter?

Update seems to fix freezing issues

This game has been great fun so far. I wasn’t expecting to play a hero card game for several months as they usually get boring very fast. The “story campaign” gets quite challenging after a while but being in a good guild, time limited events and the arena have given me enough reason to keep leveling up my heroes and pushing forward in the story. The store offers reasonable for cash and other currency you amass during gameplay. The special offer packs are priced a bit steep. The 20-30$ ones aren’t interesting enough at my level, but also not willing to shell out 99$.

It's fun! But

I have an issue with the daily dungeons. Based on what day of the week it is you can fight your way through dungeons and win everything from gold cards to evolution material. This is a really good idea in theory, but horrible in execution. You rarely, if ever, get enough cards or even get the card you need. I've been trying consistently for weeks now to fight through the Monday dungeon and gain a light sentinel. No matter how many times I fight in a row on the highest level dungeon (even going so far as to purchase extra energy, I might add) I haven't gotten a light sentinel! I've been trying for a month now, and nothing. And I can't get to the Yggdrasil level and fight for them, because I don't have the power because I CAN'T EVOLVE TO A HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL WITHOUT THIS LIGHT SENTINEL. So if you could just fix your drop rate, that'd be wonderful.

Creative and Addicting!

Do you have a problem? Are you easily drawn in at the sight of Black Jack? Do you meticulously scan the App Store for RPG games to add to your growing repertoire of role-playing and strategy games because you simply just can’t get enough of them? Do you only download free games now because you blew all of your money playing real Black Jack, and now you’re looking for something to play while you wait for your phone to get cut off? Well, then this game’s the game for you! It’s...well, it’s just fantastic. :)

Oh yeah

Yippee do da

Too often it’s more frustrating than fun.

I keep coming back to it, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to give it less than four stars. I have a collector’s mentality, and I love blackjack. So there’s a lot about this game that appeals to me. But throwing good resources after bad over and over and over again in failed attempts to level-up the same rune is maddening. There should be a maximum number of failed tries, after which you get the level-up. Plus, the whole rune thing is too confusing, generally speaking. For all of the time I’ve spent playing around with them, I still don’t get how the “quality” property should factor into your collection strategy. But it’s colorful and fun to play, except for all of the times you CAN’T play because you’re out of one thing or another. All of those things are for sale, of course. Give it a try. You don’t necessarily have to spend a single dime. Update: the 2.3.4 update was an exercise in over-nerfing. I can’t succeed at anything anymore. Plus, there is a long-standing screen-fade, crash-to-desktop issue that kicks in if you engage in several battles back-to-back. (I do not use auto-screen-dimming nor low-power-battery-management on my 8 Plus with 256GB RAM, so it’s not a “settings” thing.) Even though I’m leveling-up, my fun-factor is leveling-down; I still play, but won’t spend anymore real money here until the nerfing and screen-dim issues are fixed.

Amazingly Fun

I love this game!! Unlike other games that uninstall in like a week because I don’t play it anymore, I have kept this game on my phone for a while. I also love the concept that it is based off of blackjack. One problem I do have though is when your heroes are level 60+ and you have everything to evolve them but the sacrifices you need like 4 star heroes 5 star heroes and so on. So I just wish that evolving your heroes could be a tad bit easier. Overall this is an amazing game and I highly recommend getting it.


Really great game!

Improve please!!!

I really like this game but over the past few days my game has crashed several times while I’m in the middle of a battle. I would really appreciate if this got fixed!

Getting better but....

Game getting better keep up what you guys doing , but only 3 stars because game is free and i dont know why every time i update this game app store charges me 5 bucks and i notice it very long time ago probably by now i spend around50 bucks on just updating the game once in a while


I’ve been playing for a while and I enjoy the simplicity of the game. Today the update came out, so when I start the game it says “new version available, update now” and when I click update it send me here (the App Store). However the AppStore says there is no update, it’s only stated in your app page. So I click open (where update app should be) and it sends me to the game where again it says I need to update. This continues forever and I’ve several times over the last 12 hours hoping it would remedy itself. This is less a review than it is an alert to developers to please fix this problem.

Great game

This is the only game I’m playing on my phone. I find it so much fun. But there are a few flaws I’m encountering. 1.I’m noticing that after playing like 2/3 arena battles, my phone becomes too hot that I’ve to stop playing for awhile. Not sure if I’m the only one who has this issue but it’s still the same even after I changed the phone. 2. We all are capped at level 150 (I’m not level 150 yet) but I’m thinking what I will do after I became 150, which is the highest level. All I can do afterwards will be leveling up core cards. Aside from that, I do not see anything interesting anymore.

Best game I have ever played

This game is godly I love it I always get so determined to upgrade my heroes and get 9 stars for the grand chest I cant think it anything that I don't like about the game. Kudos to you developers


So far so good

I uninstalled after 7 straight crafting fails

Once you learn the basics your progress is hindered if you don’t spend $ No thanks

Fix the chest system

You can't play for more than 10 min before you have to take a break. All your loot comes in chests that take a certain time to open. Unless you pay to open them, you can't play any new levels. Fun gameplay besides



Unhappy camper

I am owed 1,930 in gems because I utilized there option of try another games and after I played for at lease 4 hours and completed all tasks. BattleJack chose to terminate my game and then I had to restart BattleJack from the beginning and a lost all of my progress that I had. I am disappointed that this game is only out to get your money. My advice is buyer beware.

Fun has a few bugs

Temple of light, sacred grove, on the hell difficulty has an issue every time I beat it it says I lost and gives me the option to give up or pay 50 gems to continue, please fix this. This game is fun but is definitely pay to win. Especially if you have little patience to wait or get lucky for the level up material. Update: Whatever the bug was with sacred grove is fixed. Giving it 3 stars because it’s pay to win and leveling up heroes to 5 and 6 stars is close to impossible.

Fun but

Fun but the developers don’t seem to care about their players. They were MIA for a few months and for compensation they gave 300 gems and some other stuff. Felt like a slap in the face.


I liked it a lot. But I think you should add items.

Great game but having game breaking bugs...

I keep getting a bug when I beat a boss it says I lost and have to pay 50 gems to continue when I beat the boss and I have full health. So at the moment it’s counter productive to even play. I hope they fix this.


Most, if not all, of you game sessions will end due to a crash. It’s a fun but poorly optimized app. Do not spend any real cash. The resources you spend to go on missions, fight titans, pvp, maze runs, and special events (keys and food)are lost on crashing. Devs missed a great opportunity on this game.

Ok it’s just ok at this point

I do like the gameplay, the battles can be fun but after playing more and getting higher in levels I am starting to see the cheapness of the battles, 21 means next to nothing even with strong hero cards fully leveled, titans start of weak and easy then once you get to a point they one hit kill you... very cheap indeed. I gave this game 3 stars before but now I can only give it 2 for the sheer fact this game wants my money to level up faster easier, don’t get me wrong spending some money on a mobile game to support it is fine but not when there are to many quick kills, enemies that take way to much damage even with strong hero’s, and some battles can’t even be beat on auto ... rare but it happens. Play if you wish but to the team that runs the game stop being greedy and be fair, you have a four star maybe 5 star game here if you just play fair then maybe buying some gems will feel like support not pay to win.

Very fun, but developers have abandoned it

This game is very fun and extremely addicting. It has great RPG characteristics while being simple to pick up and play. IAP’s are definitely a big point, but not absolutely necessary, just help the progression a bit. Been playing this game for a few months and completely love it. However, there hasn’t been a single peep out of the developers since the beginning of February, it looks like the game was given up on. This is a shame, I loved where the game was going and was excited to be along for the ride. As it stands it’s still a great game, just don’t expect it to get any better from here, unfortunately.

No more development

This game appears to be handed off and no more development is being done. The one star review is to warn others that might start playing it. It’s an awesome game and really enjoyed playing until I learned nothing is being done with it anymore.

Absolutely great game!

This is a great game to play, and a fantastic time waster. I’m at Lv118 right now and even though the grind is there to continue leveling, it doesn’t feel unobtainable. You do not have to pay to play or pay to win to be good at this game. My ONLY issue with the game is that on my older iPhone 6 on 9.3.3 the game will crash randomly for no reason. Haven’t been able to get help from support or find anything online.

Bring it back for the real people who still here MONSTER SQUAD !!!!

Plz bring back the game for my christmas wish I’ll 5 star this game I actually played it a Lil not to bad but not good enough to replace monster squad ik u guys j wanted to stop making the game but think about others j not your self I understand it’s hard work but u also gotta understand u not gonna get anywhere in life if I don’t work hard or make a game like monster squad but make it very similar u hurt my feelings by taking this game down

Liked it, but game is dead

Devs are silent and no new events in months

Lovely and fun

I’m not a big fan of card games or RPG systems based around them but this game does it very well and it really enjoying it, too bad it drains the life out of my phone. BUT i love he style and gameplay it’s very enjoyable

Game abandoned by devs

Used to be a pretty fun game with updates every couple weeks or so. It’s been months with not a word from the developers. Many features left completely unfinished.

Arena needs to be fixed

I really like this game, but I have a big bone to pick with the arena mode. I really like the concept of arena mode but the actual fighting mechanic is so wonky. It’s the usual as the core game, which is what makes it unfair. All of your heroes share the same health, while the other team has individual health bars. His essentially mean that although you may have got one f them down, the others can absolutely destroy you. I often find myself also getting demolished because of counterattacks, which takes literally a majority of your health. I fought a player with 1500 power and a level 2 arena with my 2000 powered party and lost because of a counterattack. I’m saving the biggest problem for last: each opponent has their own attack cool down which means all four can attack at the same time essentially killing you in one foul swoop. I really love this game but I can’t help but complain about the arena mode.

Events are frustrating

I have been obsessed with this game for weeks, and I love games where I can level things up and have this much choice in building my team. However, when you get further into the game, you need certain cards to evolve your favorite heroes. These cards can only be found through limited-time events, and the drop rate is SO UNRELIABLE. I have spent so much energy (and gems to refill that energy) over weeks just to get this one card I need to level one guy up. Sometimes, I spend the 35 energy required and never even come across the thing I’m looking for. Other times, I come across it three times in one round, but I still never get the card. This needs to be improved. There needs to be a better guarantee of getting the cards you are spending all your energy (both in-game and in real life) on. If game progression is this frustrating, I can’t keep playing much longer.

Don’t play

Game was sold a while back and now it doesn’t appear to be paid attention to by a developers at all; for instance one of the weekly events has the ever so awesome name of “”. Presale the Devs were super involved, releasing new heroes, new play modes, and special weekly events like double exp events or greater chances of certain heroes dropping; it’s been weeks since one of those happened. At this point I think they’re ignoring the game and hoping people keep dropping money on gems. Sad, was a good game with some great players but at this point there’s no reason to recommend it.

Developers Abandoned Game - Beware

At one time this was a great game. Developers involved. Monthly activities. New content. But as of the last couple months the developers have abandoned the game. No help on Facebook. No new content. Nothing. Download the game and play it. But don’t be like some of us and waste money. It’s not worth it anymore.

fun, but room for improvement

Edit: Dropping the review down a star because the frequent crashes have really made this game unplayable. Higher levels require you to grind the story for evolution material, and its unbelievably frustrating when you finally catch a card on a rare drop and then lose it because the game crashes on the victory screen a third of the time. overall a fun and addictive game, but it crashes way too often. to make matters worse, the crashes usually happen on the victory screen at the end of story missions, which means you don’t get your rewards/chest for that quest. also, this game is only based on “blackjack” in the simplest way possible, so don’t expect a lot of blackjack style mechanics or excitement. the deck is only composed of the cards ace to 10, with no J, Q, or K, so the odds of pulling low cards are much higher. there is also no splitting or doubling down, which are two of the most exciting blackjack mechanics, and seems like a huge missed opportunity in a blackjack style rpg with a bunch of blackjack battle “abilities”.

Game Abandoned?

Lots of crashes. Lots of microtransactions. Blatant pay-to-win. Forced reinstall after every update. Hacky and embarrassing in every way. EDIT: Game has mostly stabilized for me, minimizing crashes. Would increase star rating, but it also appears the devs have abandoned the game. No updates, events, sales, communication for 6-8 weeks. Would advise against spending any money on the game until there’s some indication it’s still in active development. If that happens, it’s worth considering.

Really wanted it to succeed

I’ve logged several hours into Battlejack and I’d like to say it is fun. Crawling through dungeons and getting new party members is reminiscent of Pokémon, which I also really enjoy, however being mitigated by paywalls and a P2W style most mobile games have nowadays makes Battlejack suffer. The devs have made something interesting enough to make you want more, but you also have to pay to have any kind of relevance in competitive. I’ll be quitting this game after this review.

A lot of potential but some serious downsides

Cons: - crashing remains a problems for many months now. The game crashes every now and then, sometimes right when you deliver the finishing blow to end a dungeon. It’s the developers’ or server’s fault, but the players pay the price. You lose the energy spent to enter the dungeon, you lose the resources you used during the fights, the friend you borrowed, and any cards you captured along the way. I read the reviews that complained about this before downloading the game thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it really is. The developers have clearly known about this for a long time and has done nothing to solve it. Which leads me to con #2 - the developers do not care about the players, only their money. I know that everyone needs to make money, but the outrageous costs for things in game is unbelievable. I’m someone who doesn’t mind spending some money for IAP, and have put in about $50 in total into this game, but it’s obvious that many put in thousands easily. If you want to get ahead in this game, that’s what it’ll take. Not for me. - the drop rate for boss cards are ridiculously low. It’s nearly impossible to collect even a 3* boss. Why? Cuz **** the players, that’s why. - the programmers are either lazy, amateurs, or just don’t care much. The auto play feature in the game is nice in theory, but just terrible in execution. It would only take a few lines of code to substantially improve this feature. Why would it not hit when no heroes are selected? Why does it need to draw a 15-21 just to heal? Why would it heal when just a sliver of health has been taken off? Why can’t it use ace abilities to get some easy 21s? Etc... - there are no fun/different events. It’s all the same crap week after week. And to highlight the last point about sloppy programmers, this week’s event is called “” with the description being “event.WeeklyEvent56.desc” Good job guys. Good job. I can honestly keep going but I’m tired of typing. This game has SO MUCH potential, if only they cared about their players as much as they care about money, and if only they got better programmers. Brilliant idea for a game, just done so poorly. It’s a shame.


This game is awesome. The core qualities the game has is addictive and entertaining. The story line is enjoyable, there’s enough aspects of the game that has so much potential... That being said, the developers need to start doing their job or this potential will disappear. The biggest problem in my opinion is the inability to play the game for a long duration. Once you are out of energy having to pay gems to replenish it is not something other developers haven’t abused before. However the ridiculous amount of gems you have to use to replenish the energy makes it impossible to play the game for a long duration which will eventually push away the games active players. They need to make the game able to run itself. Also another HUGE issue is the lack of support from the game. There has not been an update in about two months, no specials or deals to help players develop their teams, and no status of the game. How are the players suppose to continue on when the developers aren’t even showing any speckle of support to purpose the game. Very very disappointed in Nexon and the game developers.

Great game, one suggestion

This game is a great time waster for anyone looking to pass time during a lunch break or while traveling (assuming you can get an internet connection). For me it also always loads very quickly even if updates are added as other apps I’ve tried take so long to download updates that I’m left waiting for up to an hour just to play for a few minutes (looking at you dungeon boss). However, one problem I keep coming up against is unlocking chests while playing the game. To summarize every time you play a level within the game you get a chest with an unlock time from 45 mins to 12 hours. You can hold a total of 4 chests at any time and unlock one at a time (without spending $). Each chest contains a variety of useful items from free in game currency to heroes. The problem is that occasionally you can get several 8+ hour chests and are stuck babysitting the app to unlock them all. There are even random events where every chest you get for a short time is guaranteed 12 hours meaning at minimum it will take 48 hours to unlock everything again or be playing without gaining new chests. Now while there is an option to instant unlock chests it costs either $ or in game currency which you acquire at a slow rate. My suggestion is that to fix the problem of being stuck with all these chests is to allow for the option to sell them without gaining any items. This would allow players who are trying to farm resources to gain gold coins (used primarily for leveling/evolving heroes) and those who need the chest items to sell the high hour chests in order to unlock many low time chests. This allows those who want to spend money to keep unlocking every chest they get while appeasing the free players who are trying to grind their way to the top. TL;DR Great game, but it needs an option to sell chests that take too long to unlock.

Dead game

I loved this game even though my relationship was mixed. Dropped alottt of money on it regardless. It hasn’t received a game update since 2-13-2018 and almost a fourth of the players have left because of burn out and this lack of support. For my guild being in the top 5 nearly 33% left. It killed my guild. The game is dead and on autopilot. A heads up would have been nice. I feel robbed. Enjoy your 545m profit Nexon. I will never play a game of yours again after this one.

Great game

This game helps me out with my gambling problem and I like the rpg stile

Back to greatness ✨😎✨

After a long absence I tried Battlejack again and I was delighted to find all the new content and apparently the crashes were fixed. There is lots more to do aside from the main campaign!

Leaving without warning

I joined about a month and a half ago, then nexon the producers decided to abandon this game without any warning. They decided that their other game required all their resources and I had spent money on this game without warning that they’d be leaving this game and to this day they still haven’t disclosed wether or not they’re giving up on us. Very unprofessional way to handle business

Bad battery life/hot device

It’s fun to play once or twice a day but it murders battery life and makes my phone extremely hot which is not good. Maybe let us change the graphics settings or disable animations to try and help

Wish this didn’t bind

The bind to game center id forever concept is annoying. It shouldn’t be hard at reinstall to simply ask if you want the new game to overwrite the existing game. I only have one I’d and had to reset my phone but the game I was playing didn’t bind so when I restored I had an old version and lost my game entirely. If the 1990s could allow you to delete game saves I don’t see why modern technology is so resistant to letting you delete a save.


I usually tire pretty quickly of micro transaction games but this game has remained fun for quite a while. Definitely worth a download if you enjoy blackjack and mini RPGs.

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