Battlejack: Blackjack RPG App Reviews

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Fun Game, poor update

Here’s the break down: There are (48)6* characters If you need a copy of each that’s (96) 5* heroes Then you need (4) 5* character sacrifices for each evolution That’s (192) other 5* heroes That makes (288) 5* heroes needed total. To get (288) 5* heroes you need a copy of each 4* character. That’s (576) 4* heroes Then you need [on average] (3) 4* sacrifices for each evolution That’s (1728) other 4* heroes That makes (2304) 4* heroes needed total. It takes (3) 3* sacrifices and no copies for each 4* evolution for a total of (6912) needed 3* plus the (2304) heroes you are trying to evolve. Thankfully it is easy to get the 3* sacrifices from using loot tickets in the dungeons. This means; If you “happen” to summon/receive in a drop all 80 starting forms of each character (not including what you actually need for the altar Gods you can summon), you will have to perform 2640 evolutions to get every characters final form. If you did 1/day... roughly 7 and a half years of playing this iPhone game... Not really worth it which is unfortunate cause it is a fun game. Hope this is enlightening. Cheers Also to be fair, I’m cheap and am never going to spend money on a free game. So I do think they/you are trying to push gamers to spend more real money. That is fair it’s just unfortunate. So therefore those like me will have a potentially tough time getting through most of the game without spending any real money.

Was better when it was abandonware.

This game was very enjoyable for the longest time; I even spend a bunch of money to support the developers at first... but they abandoned the game for several months without an update, news, or game events and everybody thought the game was dead in the water. Little did we know that they would come back, get the game running again, and then completely destroy the character upgrade system and turn the game into a frustrating cash grab designed to force players to spend cash in order to advance. Players are leaving this game left and right... we as players have no urge to show loyalty to a game that has decided the players are only good for their purchasing power. It’s really too bad; I do love the graphics and idea behind the game. I just wish it were still FUN to play instead of having been redesigned to be EXPENSIVE to play.

Used to be a 4 Star Game

When I first started playing this game, it was appropriately challenging when it came to getting new heroes. But it seems to get more money, the changed the way players have to “evolve” their heroes. Which everyone I’ve talked to have unilaterally said they hated this new way. And now, I can’t even send a question via the app to customer service. If things aren’t fixed, I’m going to recommend to everyone to give this game a 1 Star review. Customer service is a part of a successful game. Start working on that. Listen to your player base.

How to ruin a good game

Making the hero’s need a copy of it for 5/6 heroes. PASS

Need more options for guild!

I like the game overall but with the new update it makes it difficult it evolve the hero’s and take a lot longer unless you do in app purchases. Would really like to be able to exchange cards with guild members.

Used to be fun....

.... but the most recent big update changed things in a drastic way. The addition of events was nice, tho some seem to revolve around spending premium currency. And Titans are much stronger, but I could have lived with that. However, the changes in the evolving system made everything take twice as long. When the game becomes more of a grind/chore than something fun, it’s time to move on. More than half of my guild split. I hung on for a while, hoping it would improve with some tweaks. But I’ve pretty much lost interest.


The game is fun, but the bugs that have not been worked out make it essentially unplayable. The amount of times the game has frozen and forced closed is an embarrassment for game developers. I have noticed that the game no longer crashes *as much*, but it still crashes plenty. For this reason, I’ll never spend a dime on it - how can I be comfortable spending real cash on a game in which I’ve lost so much in-game currency (i.e. I’ve lost at least 500 diamonds through the game crashing at very inopportune times like when I pay diamonds to re-enter a battle with a Titan; this does not even count the amount of meat energy to play battles). While I don’t have as much of an issue with the latest update that other players are having, I do find their customer service unhelpful (they will not assist you even when you have screenshots for proof) and the game itself feels like it is still in Beta phase with all the bugs that must still be worked out. I play the game bc it is an interesting way to play blackjack and I can play it free. But I highly advise against anyone buying anything in the game with real currency, unless you like to flush your money down the toilet. As is, this is a decent game to kill time, but the developers have abandoned all sense of customer service and therefore are not worthy of operating a business. The contributed unreliability for this game would be criminal if you paid anything.

This isn’t Blackjack

The whole point of blackjack is to compete against a dealer. Without a dealer, this is just “counting to 21.” Not very entertaining, in my opinion.

Very Fun

It’s so different! I like it

Impossible to evolve higher level characters

I love this game but the last update made it impossible to evolve characters once they get to 4 stars. Who has an extra duplicate character just hanging around? And why would I spend money and energy to evolve lower level ones of the same character just to evolve my main one? I’m stuck now because I can’t evolve and my characters aren’t powerful enough to finish the Hell level.

Last update may kill the game

This game had too much grinding already. The last update made major changes with no warning. The increased costs for things like evolution will kill this game for many people. It was already hard to evolve, why make it impossible? The more I play the new update, the more I hate this game. I’m still playing a little, hoping some positive changes are made.

Kicking me out

When I try to play the game it gust kicks me out

Used to be good

I used to really like playing this game. I didn’t mind spending a little to have a lot more fun. Now it’s just junk. You guys ruined your game.

Was once great!

The most recent update for Battlejack brought a massive change to the economy. I had spent months of mostly casual play getting myself to a spot where many character evolutions were about to click into place and I would finally have a good, versatile team with which to do some of the higher end content. Bang, the update hits and nearly doubles the amount of effort to progress characters. They claimed that the update “balanced the economy to better serve all players”. In reality, I see it as a move toward getting people to spend more money on in app purchases. I get it, they have bills to pay, I just felt the way it was handled and addressed was a bit disingenuous. Bummer.

New verson is too bad

Evolve is too bad , you can start 7 star hero and not to evolve hardly before

Leveling up heroes became impossible

It’s now virtually impossible to upgrade heroes to star level 5-6. Players will need the same card at star level 5 twice, to upgrade one of them to level 6. And that’s in addition to all the other cards that have to be sacrificed. This update will probably be the downfall of the game.

New update = kills game fun

The game was plagued w limited levels that are not even finished and some character upgrades that are not finished. Instead of fixing these issues, the change the economy system and make it difficult and frustrating to ‘evolve’ characters (which drives the game)! They took an ok game that was a good way to waste some time and they killed it. Seems to be a money grab

Update has some good but evolve is too hard

Love this game, but the new evolve requirement to have another 4 star same hero is too difficult. I also think it’s buggy. I have the notification that I can evolve before I have all the materials. Then it wants the extra 4 star hero but I’m still able to select that same hero for my 3-4star random heroes. The rune level up event is horrible. Took 4 times to level from 9->10 on a 3 Star Rune. There’s no way I’ll be able to get enough gold to do it two more times and the reward is peanuts compared to the cost.

Was fun but new update ruins it

I’ve played this game pretty consistently for the past few months and enjoyed it quite a bit, but the recent update made a big difference... in the wrong way. They “reworked” the economy, which from what I can tell removed monthly and arena quests, made it HARDER to evolve heroes, and added a dumb/absurdly difficult divine events system that basically requires you to buy their “event packs”. I don’t understand why they changed it when it didn’t seem broken to begin with. Oh well, gameplay hasn’t changed much, and is still pretty fun. But beware progression and leveling is difficult!

Broken game

Recent update changed the game so much it’s now broken. Obvious move to make it pay to play. We had a top 100 guild that had over half the players stop playing. Highly recommend waiting till they fix it or play a different game.

New update just ruined the game!!!!

I’m having a really hard time grasping how in anyway making evolving heroes harder would be a good idea! The game was fine the way it was, and I think I speak for a lot of players that we just wanted you guys to finish what has been promised for so long. It was as already very time consuming to evolve heroes but it’s just pointless to even try now. Not sure what you guys were smoking when you decided to go this route with the game. Very disappointed as I have spent a considerable amount of real money to get to where I am just to have this new update kill the game and any fun playing it. Hope you guys actually listen to the people that are lining your pockets so we can continue having fun. But with this new update i don’t see any point of playing as it will be zero fun. And on top of that half my guild straight up just deleted the game because they feel the same as I do. So either fix it or see this game die very quickly!

So frustrating

A game with so much potential but the developers refuse to fix the crashing issues while concentrating on how to make it a cash game. I have tried to not let the arena crashes affect my enjoyment but with the latest update, it’s too much. The crew just doesn’t seem to be interested in their North American audience. I will keep doing the bare minimum to stay in my clan but no longer will this be a daily login requirement.

Update broke level 4 and higher evolutions

This most recent update broke evolution of 4 star and higher heroes. It now requires you to select the hero you are trying to evolve as a material, but then won’t let you select it. Even if you have a second hero of the same type, it won’t show up in the selection box. So, if they were meaning for you to sacrifice a hero as the same type as you are trying to evolve, you can’t do that either. Please fix this!

This was a great and fun game until...

....the last update. I played this game for a long time. I even dumped a little real money into it. Once I saw the new requirements to evolve and level up heroes, I was done. Shame. I really enjoyed this.


The game had a real grind before, but playable and felt like I could make progression without putting a lot of time and money. Now, at the moment feels like money is REQUIRED to play. I’m stuck in the current update. I can’t evolve any of my heros due to the new requirements. Not sure what the game wants me to do besides put money into to progress oh so little.

No longer fun

This game was a favorite. However, the last few updates have ruined it. The latest one makes it so difficult to level up your characters, you’re permanently at a disadvantage to those who did so previously. Honestly not feeling like playing any longer. I don’t know what their goal was except maybe to force players to pay money to advance. If the goal was to get rid of all their casual players, they may have succeeded.

Was almost perfect, now don’t bother

The latest update changed the second most core mechanic of evolving your heroes to such a crazy degree I have no clue what they were thinking. The newest update will slow down your progress so much that what has taken me 6 months to achieve, would, with no exaggeration, take YEARS to achieve (and it wasn’t like I was zooming along prior either- was a pretty grindy game already). The dev team disappeared for months, and just came back a few weeks ago. I assume the idea was that they were going to let the game die anyway, so they might as well try to cash grab as much as possible and see what happens. Worst case scenario was what was already in the works- a dead game. Well congrats, but you not only won’t be monetizing my time for this game anymore, I won’t even touch a game your team puts out.


This is one of my favorite games and has been for a long time. It seems that the amount of time required to level and evolve characters was fine with this new update they made it feel like it’s hopeless to max evolve characters. It makes me want to almost delete the game because I have been working so long to evolve characters and suddenly they throw in an update and now the requirement to evolve something to the max level takes much longer. Super frustrating for someone that has been playing for awhile...

Last patch ruined the game

The cost of everything just became outlandish, from updates to evolutions, you’ll never progress like half the users already have. Don’t play until they fix this mess

What is wrong with you guys?

I was highly addicted to this game. Been playing for months, everyday minus a day or two. My wife plays as well. My whole entire guild which maintains in the top 100 every week is all outraged at this recent update. Do you understand how many players you are going to lose? A few thousand diamonds does not make up the difference for a never ending mid game! Less players=less money. Just saying, figure it out guys. Cult classics don’t become classic because you have sell your car to play a game.

Newest update

The newest update is ridiculous! My whole guild wants to quit. It is impossible to evolve characters now that you need all the other cards plus the same character card. I was holding on to many valuable 5 star cards waiting to upgrade certain ones now it is impossible for me to upgrade more than 1. Why did they mess with the evolution? It is unnecessary and unfair. All the people who evolved already have another advantage. Makes me not want to play anymore...kind of like the rest of my guild.

Used to love it

The new update has really thrown me off the game. I play everyday but the evolve process is way to hard now. Thanks for the fun times.

Bad update

This was a 5 star game until the last update......


I was an avid player and a daily user of this game. The game was good, but someone in the development department decided it was time to screw the whole thing up. I’ve seen some bad updates before, but this one by far takes the cake. I, like many others in my guild, will probably never even log into this game again. So whoever’s idea this was, thanks, you just ruined a perfectly good thing for us. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, such stupidity should not be supported

Great game but...

This was my favorite game to play. I can’t tell you how many hours have been spent battling and helping my guild stay in the top 25. But this update was garbage. You can’t throw gems at us and act like that fixes anything. You took away so many rewards that we were using to level up our heroes and not to mention you did it in the middle of the month and we all just lost our monthly achievement progress that we had spent a lot of time on. We have all waited so patiently for the developers to get their acts together for months and just when we think things are changing for the better we get hit with this bomb. Our guild has lost so many great players from this terrible update. Bring back arena and monthly achievements. There’s no need to play without them. I’ll change my rating if something is done differently with the game but I’m not spending actual $$$$ like you guys want us to with this update when the update is pure trash.

It used to be to be fun

The game worked very well before the July update, and only had a few issues like providing new content for veteran players. Instead of raising the ceiling for them to rise, the design team removed the floor from under everyone so we fell. They made some heroes nearly impossible to obtain and improving any character became just as troublesome. Drop rates have increased but it will take far too much time to evolve because the method is no longer simple and efficient. There was a small list of improvements people were asking for but it was largely ignored and instead we received more problems than solutions. I’ll give it another week to improve then it’s farewell Midgard.

Worst update ever....

This newest update was horrible. They removed the monthly event (in the MIDDLE of the month, so any effort you put into it was wasted and you got no rewards!) and instead gave 2k gems. That’s not compensation; not when doing the monthly event over many months rewards you way more than that. This game was amazing at first; but the past few updates have been pushing it to being more money grubbing. The tuning event is all about spending gems; no incentive to do anything else. Honestly the only reason I even played anymore was to support my guild in the Chaos event but I’m actually over that now too since they moved the rewards around and made it harder to get the advertised hero. Don’t bother playing if you want something long term.

New update stinks

You have now made my goal of summoning Odr impossible. Iv spent 2 months grinding to achieve 50% of the gods needed and now you just doubled it. I quit until you fix your stuff, two months down the drain.

Update ruined the game

Evolving has become an arduous task that’s not worth anyone’s time. This recent update ruined the game! I used to play everyday, not anymore. The game was fine the way it was. It’s hard enough to get one 4 star hero, let alone 2 more to evolve the original one. This update should be reversed!

Great game but terrible update

I have been playing consistently for some time now, but am considering quitting altogether due to the new update ruining the system for the game and forcing higher level players to lose their momentum. My whole guild is discussing abandoning the game that we all really enjoy. Would give five stars if update hadn’t ruined game for existing players. Please balance the game better for the higher tier.

Horrible July 2018 update

This used to be a great game. Fair to F2P and those that pay. Now with the recent update, they just screwed over any F2P player and those that don’t spend hundreds a month. It is almost impossible to evolve characters now.

Was a great game

...until the latest update. Losing guildies over the changes. Update makes everything so much harder it’s not worth the effort. What a shame.

Lost It’s Touch

This was a great game. Innovative, multi-faceted, a game that was just as enjoyable for the hardcore player as the recreational player. However, with the new update, it has geared itself for the hardcore gamer, making character leveling more difficult, requiring more characters while still keeping the amount of characters you can “store” low so you have to pay for more storage. As a recreational gamer, this great game is just not for me anymore.

Recent update has killed the game

A recent update to his game has killed it. Long time players are leaving. New players face a much more difficult grind to progress in this game. It may be free to download, but the new update will require a massive cash investment to play.

Terrible update

The latest update has made it much harder to evolve my heroes. I had a few level 5 heroes maxed out with experience and was collecting the resources to evolve them to level 6. with this latest update, not only do I need those resources, I need another copy of that 5-star hero. It took me long enough to collect the original hero, now I have to evolve another copy too? This stinks and puts newer players at a HUGE disadvantage in arena battles since a lot of players already have multiple 6-star heroes evolved under the old, easier system. I'm uninstalling the game right now!

New changes are painful.

It seems like a “way more work, way less reward” system. After playing this game to the point where I have reached the top, the developers have taken away many of the achievements and rewards that makes progression possible. There are few if no ways to succeed unless money is spent at this point, and lots of it. The top rewards have already become unobtainable by the even the best players and have been left completely unclaimed, now all other rewards have been made this way and the simpler ones have been removed completely.

Surprisingly fun

This game is surprisingly fun, especially since it’s an rpg based on blackjack. Even when I go over 21, it’s still fun to try to go as fast as I can in the battles. The characters are well designed in my opinion, and the game as a whole runs very smoothly.

Omg why


Pretty good game

I think this is a great game for someone like me who is addicted to blackjack and RPG’s.

Great game.

My whole family plays this game. We love it. I have a few small suggestions to see if it might be possible. First suggestion, is there a way to have chest to open in the arena separate from the other chest to open from the main battles? And another suggestion is to allow players that are friends to trade cards if they would like. I think it would allow a whole new level to this game. Thank you for the great work and great game.

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