Battlejack: Blackjack RPG App Reviews

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Great game! Not pay to win

Love the game! It’s simple and you don’t need to pay to win. Save your upgrade spirits etc and wait till you pull some legendary hero’s and look up some guides online and you’ll be successful. Join a guild and get help from higher level players. It’s a fun time waster. 👍 highly recommend.

Won’t let me put my name in!

I love the game but I can’t continue because it crashes every time I try to enter my name. The keyboard doesn’t even come up. Please fix this


Update. Ever since the update to it keeps telling me I need to update again and I can’t start the ap. Frustrating I tried reinstall it took me back to the beginning and I lost all the things I had. More frustrating.

Fun game but there is a problem

The game is fun but the odds of you getting rare or epic cards is very low and this causes a lack in variety in the cards

Freezing during battle

It keeps freezing during battle lately. I lose the energy spent on the fight. Very annoying. Also constant messages about spending money now. Awakening is half implemented, seems broken.

Fun game. Crashes frequently

Been playing about a day. Level 6 or so. If I look away to do anything and the game sits idle for 15 seconds or so. It crashes and closes. Still open in my active programs but has to relaunch. IPhone 7

Cant play??

Cant play the game since update?? Everytime I open game it tells me theres a new update to download but it has already been downloaded.

Fun app, but the updates and App Store don’t play nice together

Fun app, but there is an odd experience where the app updates then App Store doesn’t let you download the update just opens through to the app, which redirects you to get the update.

The new update

[NOTICE: I am NOT trying to criticize the game or update. I’m trying to issue my problem with it. I’m sorry if you feel I am trying to criticize the game/update] I have a problem with this new update that has been added. What happened was right after I updated it, when I launched the game, it still said it needed an update. I pressed the button to take me to the place to update the game, and it said to open it. I went into my updates and searched for it. I couldn’t update it, so I just opened the game again, it still said to update it. I’m sorry if you thought I’m criticizing the game or update.

Love it but there are some problems...

I love this game and I play it a lot and it’s my favorite game right now! The Battlejack team is very responsive and helpful, but there are some problems... 1. The game crashes when your on a steady internet and there’s nothing you can do about it 2. The drop rate on some characters, especially bosses is personally very low... 3. Evolving your characters is very pricey! X4 characters to make a 5 Star?! Hmmm.... 4+. Please add a leader only chat! It would be so much easier for all leaders! There would be a public chat and then a leader only chat.

Great Game!

In many apps, the pay to play model means that ,at a certain point, one feels obligated to pay money because the game becomes too difficult. However, this app does a fantastic job of walking the line for the pay to play model. There are significant advantages to paying money; it can help you progress rapidly. And if one chooses not to pay, the game is enjoyable too. You may wait a bit for energy and chests, but basically every time it find myself wanting to play the game, there is something for me to do. I have not written many reviews. And I drop many pay to play apps because I don’t want to feel extorted. But I have played Battlejack for about 3 months now and I don’t see myself stopping. It’s a great game that offers a study break or brief entertainment when you want it as well as a sense of accomplishment when you progress through the worlds. Nice job with this game!

Not worth it

A game with an interesting concept. But it has serious flaws bound to frustrate most players. The worst is the raid pvp process. The app gives you three potential raid targets which you can refresh once for free. After that each refresh cost silver which doubles every time. Or you can wait four hours for new choices and a new free refresh. In the battle your attacks are card controlled so random. Since you only bring four heros that means 20% of all cards do squat for you reducing your attack power. Plus if you bust you do no damage in a round and fail to advance on your special attack build up. The defender though attacks automatically like clockwork like monsters. Though do max damage and the special attacks rapidly advance like clockwork. And then players have started gaming the system so A’s skills trigger then B’s getting an attack bonus. The result is defenders can often one shot attacking players even as you struggle to attack. Lvl 40 players defending and smashing lvl 80 is a piece of cake. As a result many players avoid the raids as why bother doing so when often you will lose and get nothing in return. Overall avoid the game until the rework the whole pvp thing to make it balanced and fair.


Every update I have to uninstall and reinstall... extremely annoying. The core gameplay is pretty fun - but mostly this is a cash grab game... they basically took every monetization mechanic and mashed it together. I mean... how many limited time “sales” can you guys have. What a joke 😂

Update problems

Every time I have to update, I download the update and click the open buttkn in the App Store and when I’m sent back to the app I’m told to update once again. It’s an eternal loop. I have started over twice from deleting the app to accommodate this entry level IT issue. Please develop and test before forcing updates. I will not start over a third time.

Kids got into....

Kids got me stupidfily hooked on this game,well loved by us all 😻

Used to be good

Was a great game until v1.1.1. That update caused the game to become unstable and crash often (at least on an iPhone 6), and you lose credit and gems and energy for whatever you were doing. UPDATE: but so far no crashes at all on my new iPhone X, and the game loads fast and is buttery smooth on the X -- a good sign. The crashes usually happen at the end of a dungeon. The support team says to close all other apps before running the game. Not only is that unrealistic, but it also doesn't actually help at all. And to make matters worse, every new update makes the game more and more "pay to win". And the prices aren't micro transactions, they're mega transactions. So any fun that could be had with the $5/mo daily gems is ruined by the constant crashes and inability to progress with shelling out (literally) hundreds of dollars on small upgrade packages, that are themselves only random whether you even get anything useful for the real $$ you've spent. (I've not paid for anything other than the $5/mo daily gems, especially since the game is so unstable).

Excellent game!

Great Game! Lots of fun!

It is fun but... Battery issue and the some?!!

If i could give a 3.5 starts i would have. The game is addictive fun love it since day one only got one major problem the game itself eats the battery like it is nothing 10 to 15min into the game you already lost about 10% of battery and thats my major concern It heat up my iPhone like crazy i have to stop for 15min so my iPhone cool down


Only played once but see this will be a fun and different kind of game.

Game is fun, but has some flaws

I will start off by saying I have fun on this game when I am able to keep my chests that I have worked for and can finish boss fights without the game quitting. I have lost 6 potential good chests fighting tough bosses, for my level, on the killing blow... the game just quits... I lost the energy I used to start the fight and got nothing! Also you can only hold 4 chests at a time... so if you are clearing through areas you lose any potential loot... also you cannot delete them so you are screwed into waiting the ridiculous timers they have. If they fix the boss bugs and chest limitations the game would be so much better.. good potential for them to grow the game going forward if they put in the effort.

Good time killer

It’s worth the download. You don’t have to buy stuff to win

Game Crashing

Love the game minus the fact that it tends to crash a lot and I lose where I was in the story or battle and have to restart.

Not Able To Get In App

Please make it so it cannot crash on EVERY device?

Pay To Progress

The game is fun, no doubt. I really dislike that you can only unlock one chest at a time and that there are only 4 slots. There is an option to purchase a second “chest unlocker” for 30 days, and it is expensive. I feel like in order to progress at a fair rate, you have to purchase a lot. Maybe make the chests numbered. You could then make a Battlejack Chest that would combine old chests into a new better chest when you have chests that are numbered and equal 21. It would also give us more room for more chests and let us keep playing. After the recent event, I have 4 12-hour chest. I stop playing the game because I don’t want to miss a chest. Also, I would love it if you could hold your finger down on a hero for their stats. There is a lot more, but I don’t even know if people read this, so I’ll end now.

Fun, but...

it keeps crashing on my iPhone SE with this new update. Extremely frustrating.


Really enjoyed the game for awhile. It’s a great platform but the story part of the game isn’t very intriguing. After you get so far it becomes a grind. Have resorted to farming the same levels over and over with not much reward.

Best game app ever!

I have no complaints at all!! Fun challenging and worth the hours put in to level up your characters... Thanks to the developers for such an addicting exciting game!!!


Game crashes with message “client and server states out of synch” when trying to upgrade mastercraft level rune. Have replicated crash four times in a row to be sure.

Updates are horrible

The game is really fun, but this is the only game that says an update is ready but it’s not available and you can’t play.

Helpful Staff

They quickly responded to my concern that a rare card that dropped from an event chest didn’t get sent to my hero library. They gave it back, all within a few hours. It would be 5 stars but the game crashes on me a lot.

I like it but...

I like the game overall, but something that makes me SUPER mad about this game is how when I'm about to beat a boss LITERALLY last attack and the game completely shuts down or something. Please fix this it's REALLY REALLY annoying.


Overall the game is pretty fun. I really like the concept of using black jack to fight. The biggest issue I have with it is it constantly crashes and you end up losing everything you earned during a battle.

Fun but killing battery/phone temp issues

I just started this game and I am having fun so far. My big problem is that this game not only kills my battery but it makes my iPhone run hot. I have the 7s and so far this is the only game app that has caused my phone to run hot. I will most likely end up deleting it because of this issue.

Addictive, but disappointing.

Positives: addictive blackjack game mechanic meets card collecting strategy. Negatives: the drop rates for level up cards have gotten atrocious. It’s like they sucker you in early on and then you’re just stuck. Becoming a bit too pay to win for my liking. Also the corrupt/poison/fire abilities have just broken the arena. Especially corrupt. If you get corrupted and don’t have a hero who can save you - there’s nothing you can do. Had a level 2 titan corrupt my 80 and 60 level team, full health, and kill all of them. That’s a broken mechanic if I’ve ever seen one. I understand that for later on - but come on devs - fix it.


I would rate this higher but the game keeps crashing so lose energy and exp. The game will freeze up, and then force me to exit the app. This game is pretty good though.

Good Game, but.......

This game is awesome and Taking the time grinding was a drag. Can there be an option to auto a level without replaying in all over again. More like if you cleared the stage you can just use your energy and get the rewards not sit there and auto the whole thing again. That takes way to much time that most people do not have for the energy we have to spend.. This is one reason I️ have stepped back on playing the game until a new update like this comes out.

Suggestion + review

The game is fairly easy to understand for those who know what blackjack or 21 is. The game is fun and engaging and I enjoy it a lot. My suggestion for an update would be the ability to drop unwanted chests.(such as if a person is only after legendary chest they can delete lower chests, or vice versa.)

Great game, One suggestion

Shouldn’t Azata be a flying hero since she has wings? This would be an awesome change seeing as their are no high end flying heroes.

Crushes every 10 ~20 mins

And this has been happening for a long time. I do not see developers intention to fix this since it never got better with updates after another update.

All around, amazing

I love the entire concept of a blackjack based system where you can just cross your fingers and hope for the best while at the same time strategize. I'm honestly only rating this because of how laggy it is on my iPad. I've had no other problems just yet honestly, it's just a really great game with an original concept behind all of it. 9.7/10 for me, but I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Especially my friends who just absolutely love chance games, statistics, luck, and Pokemon. Pokemon only cause it's a gotta catch and evolve em all.

Crashes too often

Fun game, but crashes constantly. When it crashes you lose everything, except quest progress. It’s really frustrating and has somehow only gotten worse with each update. Until they fix it I’ll be staying far away. There are other “gacha” style games to spend money/time in that are stable. Also, the battery eating is intense. Used to make my iPhone 7 blistering hot. Still heats up my iPhone X a lot. Not sure why, but it helps limit playtime along with the crashing that I use on other apps.

Used to be really awesome ☹️

*Response to Developers* - I did submit a ticket, and you responded to it, but you’re recommendation, while very thorough, did not remedy the problem. Gaining rare drops only to have the round crash and reset steals the thrill of the fight. I would have to say it was one of the top three most fun games I had ever downloaded from the App Store, but with their latest update, the game is constantly crashing, and it is impossible to reliably collect the proper components to build characters in the game, due to the fact that once it crashes, the round resets and you get nothing.

Great game

You guy have a great game here! The game just needs more to do. After the main story line it just gets stale. Please add more events and an extension on the story line. Right now it’s just a waiting game.

Adding friends!!!

Overall this game is really fun and I even got my brother to start playing it, only problem is we haven’t been able to add each other as friends to be able to use each other as reinforcements or anything, we currently own a guild together and we are doing alright. But there NEEDS to be a better or easier way to add friends, ether by username, user code, or just through the guild screen. Also we follow each other but we have no idea what that even means and haven’t noticed any difference. The fact that we can’t add each other as friends is kinda ruining how fun the game could potentially be. The rest of the game I have not had a problem with, but this friends problem is the only thing holding me back from a 5 star review.


Awesome game and great customer service. Only one issue that stresses me out.. Dominated by players with 1500 less power than me on Raid mode.. That’s stupid.

An honest review

This will be my last review, let's jump right into it. Pros: there are multiple heroes to collect; some depth to team building; events; factions to join, and the game's pretty addicting when you can play. Not to mention the aesthetics are charming... Alright, here are the negatives. First of all, the reward system feels unnecessary. You have four chest slots and need to wait at least 45 minutes to open the smallest reward. The maximum time is a whopping 22 hours, yes, you need to sometimes wait 22 hours for a reward you've earned. There's one way to skip the delay and what's that? You guessed it, micro-transaction. When you fill up these four slots, you can no longer loot chests after clearing runs. This gimmick halts players from making progress despite having max energy. Not only will this frustrate players but will hurt the game. Second, the extreme difficulty to procure resources and heroes. In order to evolve heroes, you must collect necessary evo materials(which is fine) and sacrifice heroes that are parallel to its rarity. For ex: [evo 3 star to 4 star] = [three 3 star heroes] which means [evo 4 star to 5 star] = [four 4 star heroes]. Dungeon drop rates are extremely low and most will end up spending in vain. The most effective way to obtain heroes and items is by spending gems. A typical p2w system. Lastly, it's anti free to play. Technically, it's possible to play this game without spending... but be prepared to hit a wall and devote your life grinding to make little progress. This is probably to encourage players to spend large sums of $$$ to keep up. What I'm suggesting is to tone down the unnecessary grind. Remove the wait system, or at least ease it by half or even 3/4 of it. People will still use micro-transactions regardless. I know this is a fairly new game but it's in need of serious help. This game has high potential but will turn off players due to its rules. There're numeral factors that holds this game back. In other words, your greed is what's holding this game back. Your response to the chest complaints is pay $15 to unlock two openers? That's insulting. One more thing, the game spikes in frame rate for iPhone 5-6 users and crashes frequently. Not only that, it consumes your battery faster than any game... Do not ignore and do something about it. My guess is there're too many things happening in the game. I've noticed the game is saturated with effects. In my experience with game development decades ago, using too much (particle) effects can overload the memory and cause your game to freeze/crash. Try toning down the effects or allow an option to disable it. Conclusion, it's a great charming game but is held back by greed.

It's a shakedown review/Response to Developer

This is a fun way to play Black Jack, & can be very addictive. But leveling up is difficult, past a certain level. I was playing every day and enjoying it. Now, I'm sick of investing real $, with very little return. I refuse to play anymore, as it feels more like a shake down than a fun game. It's fun in the beginning, but beware...if you choose to continue on, be ready to pay for it. (I gave it 2 stars because it's great in the beginning...) As for me, I'm deleting it as soon as I finish this review. ———————————————— After Receiving a Developer Response on Monday, 11/13/17 — Sleepy, I understand where you may not be overly thrilled by my review, & I do regret that. However, considering I’m far from the only person to feel this way, why not take into consideration that the game may need to be changed just a •little• bit? I repeatedly said how much I enjoyed the game, as have most, if not all, of the other reviews. It’s a unique, & frankly awesome (!) concept, and I fully admit that I miss playing your game. Best of luck, 😴SleepyToo.😴

Fun and enjoyable

Overall a great game for any one to play just need to know the rules of real blackjack

This game needs some work!

Lovely game no doubt, but still there are some parts are hard to achieve like opening a chest at one time, while you already have 4 chests!! Please let us open these chests at ones, thanks.


Overall this game is fun but some parts of this game made me so disappointed 1. In the arena battle it’s very clear to be a defense team is much easier than to be a offense team cause they got shield for each of monster 2. In the craft, idk what % of rate it is , but I can see it’s very low cause it even failed at the beginning and waste lots gold and gems

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