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Very fun game at first but then becomes stagnant because takes forever to find items to evolve heroes with or without spending money. I have spent $30 on this game and I’m still stuck with same duplicate items. Also, Raids algorithms are horrible.. consistently get defeated by players with 500 to 1000 less power than me. That doesn’t even make sense... Despite all the negativity, it’s still pretty fun game. Just expect to be frustrated and probably get burnt out and quit playing. Or maybe I’m just unlucky. It’s still worth the free download...

Was fun now crashes.

The game was fun. It was a good time passage game for me. Now it crashes ever time I play. Not happy. The crashes get fixed so will my review and add stars.

An honest review

Keep updating the game so I have to rewrite again. Pros: there are multiple heroes to collect; some depth to team building; events; factions to join, and the game's pretty addicting when you can actually play. Not to mention it looks charming... now here are the negatives. First of all, the reward system. Jesus Christ, the four slot chest limit and delays are atrocious. You need to wait at least 45 minutes to open the smallest reward. The maximum time is a whopping 22 hours, yes 22 HOURS. Nobody besides children have that much free time. When you fill up the 4 slots, you can no longer loot chests after clearing runs(you'll lose a lot if you keep playing). This gimmick halts players from making progress despite having max energy. Not only will this frustrate players but hurt the game. Second, the extreme difficulty to procure resources and heroes. In order to evolve heroes, you must collect necessary evo materials(which is fine) and sacrifice heroes that are parallel to its rarity. For ex: [3 star to 4 star] = [x3 three star heroes] which means [4 star to 5 star] = [x4 four star heroes]. It's insane, a bone grating grind that mostly ends in vague. The drops from dungeons are extremely low btw. The most effective way is to spend gems to buy heroes and materials... yes, generic p2w system. Lastly, it's anti free to play. Sure, you can spend 2-3 weeks(probably a month realistically) to max a hero's level, or evolve one(2-6 stars) but no one rational would have time for that nonsense. This is probably to encourage players to spend large sums of cash to keep up. What I'm suggesting is to tone down the unnecessary grind. Remove the wait system, or at least ease it by half or even 3/4 of it. People will still use micro-transactions regardless. I know this is a fairly new game but it's in need of serious help. I'm being pretty harsh about my criticism because it has high potential. There're numeral factors that holds this game back. In other words, you devs are smart(sarcasm) and greedy. Your response to the chest complaints is pay $15 to unlock two(?) ah FFS. You do realize you're making people pay to chance right? At least I can win real items at a casino. One more thing, the game spikes in frame rate for iPhone 5-6 users and crashes frequently. Not only that, it consumes your battery faster than any game... Do not ignore and do something about it. I mean, I have apps that run unreal engine without a problem. Download at your risk. It's already too late for me.

Update: Thank you Toxie for the comment that really makes me happy :)

Okay I have to say that when ever one character shows up to chat it’s so laggy it looks like a school game the characters are 2d and the chat is poorly made too. It’s okay but it’s definitely not my favorite game and it’s my least favorite game. You need a lot more fixes in that game but I’ll still play it. (Okay guys I’m sorry if Im a little to ruff with the rating. It’s a great game I’m glad you made it it’s just laggy okay) but it’s still an amazing game good job guys :)) so please have a nice day and Toxie thank you for checking my comment and helping me with the promblm thank you :))


Great game so far



Updated Review

I wrote a review before that was fairly mixed but they have really listened to the community feedback. So, I’ve decided to write another review. I’ve been playing for a while now and ever since the update, they’ve made it so much more friendly for F2P players. The amount of gems (paid currency) received for quests and such make it so that normal players can now keep up with those paying. Like all mobile games it requires time to build a strong team but now it runs naturally and feels fun to progress. Still reminds me a lot of Brave Frontier but it’s a good casual game for those who like F2P, Blackjack, or (my favorite) collecting. Keep up the good work dev team. Also, you should add a tap feature to look at enemies in selected battles. Leave the bosses a mystery but for the others it makes it more interactive and helps for team building.

Fun but unapologetic

Fun game but it’s double xp event and they gave no compensation for me not getting double xp when I win

Fun game

I really like this game, it doesn’t swallow hours of your time and has a fun system. I only have a few complaints. 1) the first character in your team 1 is the hero that your guild or friends can use. It should really just be an option within the character to set as hero. 2) upgrading runes. Nowhere that I found actually tells you the max lvl of tunes is 10. Nor does it actually tell you the percentage of possible success when upgrading. It would be nice if your failures built up to increase the possibility of success and once you maxed it out you had the option to evolve the tune. My piggy bank gets slaughtered trying to upgrade so it would be nice to carry over instead of toss to the side because I got a better quality. 3) cool down time for donations. It seems completely random. Sometimes I wait 5 hours and sometimes it’s 12+ hours. I’ve actually had 14 hours. I don’t know if it’s based on a rolling clock but it should just once you hit the limit you wait 6hrs (my nominal timeframe) regardless of how fast you get there. This may seem long and like a lot but it’s minimal overall and I still really enjoy the game. Thanks and keep it up!

Battery Hog!

I absolutely love this game but MAN does it drain battery life! I lost 30% using the app for 5 minutes! I would give it 5 stars if not for that...

Fun game

I love how you have to think before you act.

Very neat game

A seriously awesome way to play blackjack.

Great game, highly addicting

Great game. Patched monthly to fix issues. Highly recommended!

Game is fun as beginner, lamer as you advance

Instead of better fighting mechanics, the opponents just "dodge" attacks. And your players never dodge anything. I literally just had a fight where my opponent dodged 5 attacks in a row, taking zero damage. Developer Response to Dodge: I’m calling BS. There were times when part of the attack would “miss” but the other cards would still do damage. Now with the new dodge “animation” as you call it, even with a 21 the opponent will dodge the entire attack, with zero damage dealt. And as I mentioned, 5 times in a row? Hopefully you are looking at the feedback from all the other reviews saying this dodge is awful gameplay, even if your claim is true it’s a weak attempt at a nerf. Love the game minus this key element.


Fun game and the add for it is funny too!


A great game to pass the time

Fun game!

Mix of black jack and a turn based rpg. Good fun.

Great game but very HOT

I really like this and it's fun to play. I wish there was a tad more strategy options during play as you don't play against a dealer. Plus u seem to be punished for big cards unless they are a blackjack. Huge drain on battery and a very hot iPad especially on the runes interface! Update 1 After having played awhile and bought daily gems packs I can say that the purchased chests are just somewhat worthless. It says legendary but that could be a character but more likely a potion or a scroll that you have a good chance of not needing or wanting. The worst part is you can't keep many heroes to try different things as your ingredients to evolve take up space! And you need so many specific things it takes forever to happen upon them and you have to keep versions for each color... makes it frustrating. Why doesn’t it let you tap on something you’re need so you can go where you can get it??? It takes so much hunting to find what u need

Love it!

Not bad, not bad at all!

Can't update

The recent update won't load and I haven't played in five days or so. Please look into this. Thank you.

Very fun

If you like dice mage, this game is for you. Loads of fun.

Good but crashes a lot

I have played it for a few days and every few minutes it will make a static sound, freeze then crashes. If I’m at the end of a boss fight, I’ll still get my stuff but if I’m in the middle of a dungeon or whatever you call it I’ll lose it all and the food I used.

Last update broke the game

After the last update all I get is a purple screen after the Nexon logo.

Awesome game if you like rpgs and/card

This game is great. It's a nice combo of blackjack and an rpg, with some ccg elements thrown in. Well designed cards, and gameplay mechanics keep me coming back. I highly recommend this! Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Constantly crashes and energy wasted

I have lot of games installed on my phone, but this is the only one that is constantly crashing. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that you lose all of the energy and items used prior to the crash. It’s a fun game, but technical issues hold it back immensely.

Awkwardly bad at genuine probabilities

Awkwardly bad at portraying any kind of genuine probabilities in both card numbers and kind. You'll notice an incredible amount of 22s and 23s when you are choosing to draw on 12s and 13s. Moreover, you'll notice many times drawn card types that fail to match any of your heroes' types. These poor probabilities are even worse for pvp. To simplify this review: it's a gambling app.


Every time you guys roll out an update my game breaks....if you’re going to make me pay to have a good time with this game at least make it playable.

Fun and innovative

I haven't really seen a game like this before, super fun and addictive!

Fix the update delay

Please fix the update delay. Every time there is an update. The game tells to update but the store has not yet allow an update. Have to wait a day to be able to play the game. Rebooting doesn’t change anything. Hope you guys fix that problem. It’s been many hours . Every time it does the same thing. It’s been more than 13 hours after update. I still could not get the update download to my phone. I wonder if that’s just me? Please reply.


It says that there is an update for the game but it doesn’t pop up when you click the update button when the game loads. Please help.


This game has been stuck in update mode for 2 days. It’s a fun game, I just can’t get it past the update Pablo holtz

Well all morning it kept saying update but App Store doesn’t have an update..

Fix issue please I use I phone 5S

Fun, until the most recent update locked me out

I’ve been really enjoying this game for about a month now, but since the most recent update (8 hrs now) it’s been stuck in a loop of giving me the “there’s a new update!” message and directing me back to the App Store, where there is NOT a new update. Nothing I’ve tried has gotten me past it, and from what I’ve seen, this seems to be a common problem. game that I would very much like to play again, except I can’t get into the game itself at the moment.

Fun game but BEWARE!!!!!

This is a great game but however the developers are making it a ripoff and the only way to really play and be able to be successful is to pay money to play it’s a very fun game however I have spent more than fifty bucks on this game with little to show for it. It’s not worth the money it takes to be successful it’s a big let down and a very expensive disappointment!


It says there is an update when I go to game but my App Store has no update for it???? I can’t sign on please help before I get kicked from my guild for inactivity.

One more improvement that really needs to be fixed.

The game is really great and the only improvement I think needs to be made is on auto play it won’t use the spawn ace card ability. If you could make it to where it would use the ability at a 20. Depending on if it can’t kill the creature without needing a Battlejack.

Great game!

This game is pretty amazing! Currently I can't play, it tells me to update but there is not one, but that may be because of the maintenance. I haven't had to grind so far except wanting to get a 4 star boss. I don't really like the mimic system, but at least it's on days when I don't have school. Could use some nerfing on the arena, I can never win because of the weird other health bar. Also a global chat would be nice to find guild members, with a report/ignore system ofc. Other than that, I really like this app. Now my game works (Stupid App Store) but the shields need to be reworked, they make killing an enemy red goblin king or an ent is almost impossible! Also 3 things to new players, I have never crashed, there was no increase in dodge chance, now it moves instead of taking 0 damage.(I think they added it dodging abilities) and your team can dodge attacks, it's just rare and subtle.

New update messed up my achievements

Was getting close to a bunch of achievements and now with the new update they have all been reset and changed. The game is extremely addictive and I love to play it, just wish all my achievements wouldn’t have reset and changed.

Awesome game

Hi, I hope you guys remember me. I enjoy playing this game. I enjoy everything about it. I really like opening chests to see if I get a free honor summon to summon a hero haha. So like I said, I provided feedback for this game through survey like which picture to use in the App Store, etc. If you guys have any games in development and need feedback again please let me know and perhaps I can do another survey like I did for this game haha

Great idea with great execution

This game takes blackjack and team based rpg’s, then merges them together really well. Heroes: the heroes are memorable and the art style is a lot of fun to look at. The combos, synergies, and balancing are well done. Campaign/Titans: High team power will only get you so far. You’ll need a good team composition to make it into the later levels of campaign and higher lvls of titants (14+ for beginners). Pay wall: I don't notice it at all. If you wanted to buy a deal or two and get an immediate boost, youll notice the help. But its not necessary. Progression wall: The Party size for your team will be the first thing you notice preventing you from progressing quickly even if you have the best heroes all maxed out. You cant have them all in your team due to party size limits. You’ll feel this all the way to lvl 40sh, then it alleviates some. Guild: This is my biggest discrepancy right now. People ask all the time who a good light hero is, who I use for healing, or ‘what team do you use?’ And I have no way to show them. Guilds aren’t as interactive or helpful as they could be. Chat - Theres no way to reference heroes in chat to help suggest team builds or heroes to look out for. Friend request - I cant just click on my fellow guild mates to add them as friends. Donates - they get stacked in chat because the cooldown is 24 hours, but can be requested every 7, so actual conversation can get convoluted if 4+ people are actively talking and theres a stack of 15 requests. Thanks for the great game, keep up the great work.

Fix the dodge maneuver

Great game overall solo play is fun and challenging. But the new “dodge” move specifically in the arena makes it nearly impossible to have a solid battle and come away with a win. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a Battlejack and have had that character dodge it all together. Should not be consistently losing to opponents with lower power levels. That’s just my opinion. Rest of the game is great.

So far so good

It’s early on but I like it so far. I’m very glad that I was able to start over as most games don’t allow you to and I think I missed some of the concepts early on. This download I’m enjoying it better. If they waited longer to ask me for a review I might have given it a five but its too early to know how the game will progress


I'm enjoying the new luck-based combat system, but seeing an enemy dodge something while playing any game like this is frustrating, it's even more absurd when you have a tidal wave or a meteor storm being "dodged". Even better, when a massive titan dodges anything. They don't seem fast enough to move their whole self out of the way of every attack. Attacking a titan and having it "dodge" is like throwing a rock into the ocean and missing. Please do some other form of balancing instead of the dodge mechanic. If nothing else, defending players shouldn't be able to dodge in raids, that's just not fair if the attacker has to take every hit.

Great Game!

There’s no reason this game should be rated this low. The blackjack based battle system is fun and fast. The upgrades are fun to work toward. You can pay but this game is very free to play friendly. So many different things to do. I’ve played it multiple times a day for months now. Highly recommended!

Crashes too much

Very fun concept if it would actually work...crashed 4 times on me in an hour, causing me to lose progress each time. Pretty annoying. If it worked without crashing, I’d give it 4-5 stars, but for now, I’m deleting this game until they make it stable enough to play

Some fixing needed

I have played the game for a little while now and am level 61, and spent some money on the game. The one thing that I find unbearably rage inducing is the level up system in the runes. I have spent a millions of gold leveling up epic and legendary runes for what appears to be almost no success at all. I tried to level up a legendary rune from 8 to 9 and I understand maybe a 20 percent success rate at least. It took hundreds of shards and almost a million gold for me to give up and not even gain 1 level. To me this is one of the only flaws I see in the game. (Except when the final enemy on every level “blows up” I notice what seems to be a small layering issue with the art). Keep up the good work and I look forward to the future and expansion of this game :).

Update has ruined it...

Game was fun but latest update made game more of a cash grab...hard enough to grind levels without using money to get to use decent heroes but now they made enemies dodge almost every attack which makes it much harder to complete levels. You are forced to use potions, power ups to advance which are only found in chests that take forever to open or bought with real money.

New update, rating (and fun) down

Being able to buy a larger party size for $15 a month has made the PVP side of this game pointless. Additionally, the Dodge mechanic has made this game so frustrating. I’ve had enemies dodge multiple battlejacks in a row as well as special skills. My interest in this game is decreasing, as is the frequency in which I buy IAP.

Good, but...

Is it just me, or does this game kill your battery and make your phone hot on a whole other level? I’m on an iPhone 6S Plus, and the moment I open this game, I could probably use my phone to cook food. It’s gotten worse since downloading iOS 11. In terms of the game, it’s a lot of fun. I understand the modern mentality of micro-transactions, though Battle Jack can take that to an odd extreme. While you are able to easily acquire the premium currency, the energy limits for doing various different events or story missions can get a bit ridiculous. The game RNG can also seem finicky. Some levels I’ll hit 21’s one after another. Some levels I won’t see a 21 at all. Though that oddly can change if I lose the level, and pay 50 gems (the premium currency), all of a sudden I’ll hit 21’s and win quickly. Really can make me doubt the RNG code. Arena raids can also get glitchy and become bizarrely mismatched very quickly. I tried using my character’s shield in one match, and the game never adding the shield despite acknowledging activation. I lost quickly thereafter, and still don’t understand why. Download it, enjoy it, but expect a grind if you don’t want to pay. It takes time, but you can make it happen for yourself if you really want to put time into it.

Loved it but it’s ruined now

Devs introduced a dodge mechanic which completely unbalanced play, just had a boss battle where for 20 attacks straight the boss dodged the attack and that’s with 3 21s and 2 hero powers resulting in minimal damage. It just isn’t fun anymore.

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