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Nice game. Unplayable though.

I think the game is great but since it crashes on every session during combat since the latest patch (during any combat where you get marked for loss of energy/ally and get nothing) it cannot earn anything better than one star. This is frustrating in every aspect when you try to progress in arena or against a titan and have limited tries. Practically unplayable until this is fixed.

10/10 Update broke game

Game crashes every few minutes since updating on 10/10. Was a fun game but since the last update it has become unplayable due to crashes all the time .

New update created issues

With the latest update, the once really enjoyable game has turned into a crashing unplayable mess. I’ve lost loot chests, can’t play missions, etc. it’s going to force me to stop playing until it’s resolved.


The upgrades make the bugs worse crashing all the time. Debating on uninstalling have worked hard on my game, but not being able to play the game for this long bc of it crashing makes me want to be done with the game and make room for another game.

Crash reload crash reload crash

I’d experienced occasional crashes with the last version of the game. So far with the new update I haven’t been able to complete anything without crashing…and you automatically lose if it crashes — no savepoint/redo just thanks for the stamina/etc. 🤬 Might want to fix the stability of your game before adding “features” like ads 🤷‍♂️

Great game but eats too much battery

I’ve been playing for over a year and enjoy basic game mechanics; however, through many updates, the game continues to eat through battery life (and heat the phone) at unreasonable speed. I know there’s some 3D animation, but several much more graphic intensive games are considerably more battery sparing. This needs to be addressed.

Battle Jack

Loved the game until I couldn’t load the game until it was updated but the update wasn’t available


While the game is fun, updates have made the game an obvious money grab. The evolution update made it take two to three times longer to update cards. Since that update, lots of people have left this game. On top of that, this company is now updating their servers before the updates are available or approved on the App Store. So they have essentially locked out every iOS player from their game. So I can’t even play this game at the moment. Great job developers smh... Update: Still can’t play the game because the update hasn’t been approved. This is extremely poor change management control.

Awesome game

My favorite game by far! Keep it up developers.


A great all around game

Making strides in the right direction

This is a fun game that had a bit of a shake up with developers moving around. They are now making improvements and an excited for where it’s going.

An honest review

After about a year of absence, I decided to see what happened to the game and was greeted with new mechanics that make the game even harder to progress. Well, if you wanted to kill your game, you’ve done it. Appreciate your low fan base and milk them as long as you can. Heads up guys, this is a p2w game. Fun game but f2p takes way too long to progress. RIP Battlejack you lived nearly a year


My game never crashes stop your lies or get a new phone people like you ruin games if you simply don’t like it then don’t play it lol your not a game critic or dev just a sad lonely diphiit who hates themselves

P2W, but fun

Good pass time.

Battery issue!

Unfortunately, battery is going to be hot and will be going to be out.

Fun if you have the money

You need money to enjoy this game to the fullest. You will never be an elite player if you are not willing to part with your income.

Used to be a 4 Star Game

When I first started playing this game, it was appropriately challenging when it came to getting new heroes. But it seems to get more money hungry, they changed the way players have to “evolve” their heroes. Which everyone I’ve talked to have unilaterally said they hated this new way. And there should really be a way to report people in the arena.

Best Hero Collection RPG

Honestly one of the best ganes I’ve ever played. As someone who loves card games and leveling and collecting, I will absolutely never stop playing this!!! The only change I would love to see is the level a hero would be after fusing other heroes with it. That way I don’t waste a hero I could on another!

Pretty but bad

The basic mechanic, while fun, is ruined by the complete over saturation of pay2win mechanics without any pay to have fun mechanics. I only spent about $40 on this one, and it failed to be satisfying. Monsters scaled too quickly, every update seems to add more ways to spend without reward, and the treadmill burns me out faster than I can throw money at them. Online community is pretty dead as well.

P2W Model for sure

I’ve played a lot of F2P mobile games. I have to say that the two $15/month IAPs here seem quite greedy in comparison to the one game I actually do pay to play; World of Warcraft. But then WoW has infinite depth, replay ability and the list could go on. For a mobile game, that’s pretty ridiculous IMO. Like most others have said, regarding the last update or two, there’s definitely a pay wall that’s impossible to get around. I understand that the developers need to survive and feed their families but who in their right mind will pay $15-$30/month for two very MINOR perks? Not this dude. The gameplay is fun and I like the pace, however, like most other F2P games, it’s crippled with an energy system that seriously limits gameplay. The graphics and such are good and I believe the developers need to have positive reviews for their efforts, but with the aforementioned, it’s at best a 2* for me. Sorry.

Incessant crashing

It seems to be worse with iPhone 6, but this game crashes CONSTANTLY! Probably 30% of the time my game ends in a crash. What makes it especially frustrating is it virtually always occurs the moment you defeat a stage/ titan. To add salt to the wound you still lose all potions/ gems/ energy utilized during the battle, but no rewards or record of completing. If you own a 6 or 6s plus or standard iPhone, save the frustration and don’t bother downloading game until developers figure this out! On top of it all, seems like every update makes the problem worse. Love the game, but can hardly stand playing it anymore. Buggiest game I’ve ever played.

Ridiculous money grab

This game used to be fun, but recent updates have turned it into a pure money grab. It has always had grinding, but it now takes so longer, and you also run through in game cash, so you have to grind for that too. Instead of monthly quests which gave you some benchmarks to hit while you’re grinding, they gave us irrelevant events which can’t be done without spending real money. Players who are still playing have decreased enthusiasm. Not a good time to start this game. Long time players came by powerful characters much more easily. Newbies will never catch up.

Fun but with drawbacks

I do really like this game except for two things- 1 they’re pretty heavy handed with the money grab. You have to wait a ridiculously long time for some chests unless you’re willing to pay and it isn’t cheap. I like the function where you can choose to watch ads to speed this up as it feels like I’m supporting the game without watching my money go up in smoke but it isn’t always offered. This means that a lot of the time when I think about playing I actively choose not to because I still have hours to go on my next chest. Not a great motivation. 2 The other thing is a lack of an in-game help system for the card development. This is my first time playing a game where you level up cards and I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. I don’t mind having to go online to get advanced tips but when I’m first trying a game I’m not going to wade through a ton of convoluted info to get basic knowledge. An optional tutorial explaining things like the difference between leveling up and evolving a card would’ve helped me not feel so frustrated.

Great game but some concerns.

I’ve played this game for quite a while and it awesome but the recent changes make this fun pass time game too “grindy.” When leveling up a character as you get to higher levels, 4-6 evolution, you need a lower evolution of the same card to do it. This can be hard for rarer cards. The older system of evolution was much better. I still think the game is fun and love all the newer changes besides the leveling up.

Battle crash more like ...

This games crashes more than any other game I’ve ever played. What the heck is wrong with it. And you lose all progress once it crashes. All energy or stamina or money used to play the level you’re on while crashed, ALL GONE. You can spend a lot of special tokens to open a secret dungeon only to be wiped away once it freezes. And it WILL freeze and crash. I’m averaging at least 15 crashes a day. What also really needs to be fixed is the arena PvP. My dungeon keeps getting raided by people 100 levels higher than me. That is ridiculous and outright unfair. That’s like Michael Jordan playing a 6 year old with one leg in a game of basketball... Developers really needs to only allow you to be raided by people relatively close to your level. But you should still be allowed to raid higher levels since you are at the disadvantage. A level 150 can raid my level 18 dungeon..? One hit kills how is that fun or fair ??? Also, chests take way too long to open. Some 12 hours..?! And you can only have 4 chests in inventory, most levels giving you a chest. So you can play for 20 minutes and you’re maxed out on chests waiting for time to unlock them. Oh wait - you can use gems to speed up process. Another snag tactic to get you to spend cash and buy gems... kind of disappointing. Overall it’s addicting as heck like most games on here. Tons of hooks to get you to pay real money. Lots of pay to win players and tons of app crashes. A ridiculous amount of grinding to level up!!

This was a 5 star game until evolution update...

I’ve been playing this game for a long time. Spent hours and hours playing, it’s a great game at its core. The recent updated made evolving heroes to 5 starts nearly impossible and such a chore that it isn’t even fun. I’m at a point in the story where I need 5 star characters and it’s not possible I almost have to stop playing or start over. This review would change to 5 stars in a heartbeat if the evolution process went back to the way it was. Developers get it together!!!!

Awesome game. Recent updates killed it

I really like this game a lot. I play it all the time and have 6 Star heroes in my teams. Recent updates have really wrecked it though. The game already had ridiculously difficult requirements to get to 6 star heroes. Now you need duplicates to evolve to 4, 5 and 6 star heroes. That’s really hard to do when the only way to obtain some heroes is through rare summons and some are even more unobtainable because there are no 3 star versions of them. 4 stars are extremely rare in the rare summons. I’ve already lost over 40% of my guild that was very active before the update. The rest only login once a day now. I seriously hope they change the evolution requirements, otherwise this game is done for. Oh one other thing, they really messed up rune leveling. They increased the cost by soooo much gold. It takes like 7 million gold to get to level 10 on a single rune. Worse if you level up a 6 star rune. They said they increased the success rates equally, but the reality is it doesn’t work that way. It’s stupid how hard it is to level up a rune.

Getting better but....

Game gets better but sometimes feels like developers dont care about us ,New update slow down the game alot evolving now feels terrible when you have to use same kind of character to do it , crashes still happens mostly when you hit enemy really hard or especially in arena when enemy about to explode but not ao often like a year ago , i keep grinding for fenrir and needed just one dash to have him now i do need 3 because of this stupid update i have to evolve it twice and was keeping grinding it for like a 5 months still no drop i dont know but rng its not on my side :/

Freezing issues

When I seem to spend gems or use arena invites then the game freezes amd kicks me off the app and takes my gems or my arena invites its pissing me off


Never have enough coins to upgrade a character with more than one card, and have too many card to advance in the story. You have to sell, which is rediculous. In the long run, this game is pointless to play.

Complete trash

They changed the evolve system it’s completely pay to win and has become complete trash don’t get sucked into this garbage

Fun Game, poor update

Here’s the break down: There are (48)6* characters If you need a copy of each that’s (96) 5* heroes Then you need (4) 5* character sacrifices for each evolution That’s (192) other 5* heroes That makes (288) 5* heroes needed total. To get (288) 5* heroes you need a copy of each 4* character. That’s (576) 4* heroes Then you need [on average] (3) 4* sacrifices for each evolution That’s (1728) other 4* heroes That makes (2304) 4* heroes needed total. It takes (3) 3* sacrifices and no copies for each 4* evolution for a total of (6912) needed 3* plus the (2304) heroes you are trying to evolve. Thankfully it is easy to get the 3* sacrifices from using loot tickets in the dungeons. This means; If you “happen” to summon/receive in a drop all 80 starting forms of each character (not including what you actually need for the altar Gods you can summon), you will have to perform 2640 evolutions to get every characters final form. If you did 1/day... roughly 7 and a half years of playing this iPhone game... Not really worth it which is unfortunate cause it is a fun game. Hope this is enlightening. Cheers Also to be fair, I’m cheap and am never going to spend money on a free game. So I do think they/you are trying to push gamers to spend more real money. That is fair it’s just unfortunate. So therefore those like me will have a potentially tough time getting through most of the game without spending any real money.

Was better when it was abandonware.

This game was very enjoyable for the longest time; I even spend a bunch of money to support the developers at first... but they abandoned the game for several months without an update, news, or game events and everybody thought the game was dead in the water. Little did we know that they would come back, get the game running again, and then completely destroy the character upgrade system and turn the game into a frustrating cash grab designed to force players to spend cash in order to advance. Players are leaving this game left and right... we as players have no urge to show loyalty to a game that has decided the players are only good for their purchasing power. It’s really too bad; I do love the graphics and idea behind the game. I just wish it were still FUN to play instead of having been redesigned to be EXPENSIVE to play.

How to ruin a good game

Making the hero’s need a copy of it for 5/6 heroes. PASS

Need more options for guild!

I like the game overall but with the new update it makes it difficult it evolve the hero’s and take a lot longer unless you do in app purchases. Would really like to be able to exchange cards with guild members.

Used to be fun....

.... but the most recent big update changed things in a drastic way. The addition of events was nice, tho some seem to revolve around spending premium currency. And Titans are much stronger, but I could have lived with that. However, the changes in the evolving system made everything take twice as long. When the game becomes more of a grind/chore than something fun, it’s time to move on. More than half of my guild split. I hung on for a while, hoping it would improve with some tweaks. But I’ve pretty much lost interest.


The game is fun, but the bugs that have not been worked out make it essentially unplayable. The amount of times the game has frozen and forced closed is an embarrassment for game developers. I have noticed that the game no longer crashes *as much*, but it still crashes plenty. For this reason, I’ll never spend a dime on it - how can I be comfortable spending real cash on a game in which I’ve lost so much in-game currency (i.e. I’ve lost at least 500 diamonds through the game crashing at very inopportune times like when I pay diamonds to re-enter a battle with a Titan; this does not even count the amount of meat energy to play battles). While I don’t have as much of an issue with the latest update that other players are having, I do find their customer service unhelpful (they will not assist you even when you have screenshots for proof) and the game itself feels like it is still in Beta phase with all the bugs that must still be worked out. I play the game bc it is an interesting way to play blackjack and I can play it free. But I highly advise against anyone buying anything in the game with real currency, unless you like to flush your money down the toilet. As is, this is a decent game to kill time, but the developers have abandoned all sense of customer service and therefore are not worthy of operating a business. The contributed unreliability for this game would be criminal if you paid anything.

This isn’t Blackjack

The whole point of blackjack is to compete against a dealer. Without a dealer, this is just “counting to 21.” Not very entertaining, in my opinion.

Very Fun

It’s so different! I like it

Impossible to evolve higher level characters

I love this game but the last update made it impossible to evolve characters once they get to 4 stars. Who has an extra duplicate character just hanging around? And why would I spend money and energy to evolve lower level ones of the same character just to evolve my main one? I’m stuck now because I can’t evolve and my characters aren’t powerful enough to finish the Hell level.

Kicking me out

When I try to play the game it gust kicks me out

Used to be good

I used to really like playing this game. I didn’t mind spending a little to have a lot more fun. Now it’s just junk. You guys ruined your game.

Was once great!

The most recent update for Battlejack brought a massive change to the economy. I had spent months of mostly casual play getting myself to a spot where many character evolutions were about to click into place and I would finally have a good, versatile team with which to do some of the higher end content. Bang, the update hits and nearly doubles the amount of effort to progress characters. They claimed that the update “balanced the economy to better serve all players”. In reality, I see it as a move toward getting people to spend more money on in app purchases. I get it, they have bills to pay, I just felt the way it was handled and addressed was a bit disingenuous. Bummer.

New verson is too bad

Evolve is too bad , you can start 7 star hero and not to evolve hardly before

Leveling up heroes became impossible

It’s now virtually impossible to upgrade heroes to star level 5-6. Players will need the same card at star level 5 twice, to upgrade one of them to level 6. And that’s in addition to all the other cards that have to be sacrificed. This update will probably be the downfall of the game.

New update = kills game fun

The game was plagued w limited levels that are not even finished and some character upgrades that are not finished. Instead of fixing these issues, the change the economy system and make it difficult and frustrating to ‘evolve’ characters (which drives the game)! They took an ok game that was a good way to waste some time and they killed it. Seems to be a money grab

Update has some good but evolve is too hard

Love this game, but the new evolve requirement to have another 4 star same hero is too difficult. I also think it’s buggy. I have the notification that I can evolve before I have all the materials. Then it wants the extra 4 star hero but I’m still able to select that same hero for my 3-4star random heroes. The rune level up event is horrible. Took 4 times to level from 9->10 on a 3 Star Rune. There’s no way I’ll be able to get enough gold to do it two more times and the reward is peanuts compared to the cost.

Was fun but new update ruins it

I’ve played this game pretty consistently for the past few months and enjoyed it quite a bit, but the recent update made a big difference... in the wrong way. They “reworked” the economy, which from what I can tell removed monthly and arena quests, made it HARDER to evolve heroes, and added a dumb/absurdly difficult divine events system that basically requires you to buy their “event packs”. I don’t understand why they changed it when it didn’t seem broken to begin with. Oh well, gameplay hasn’t changed much, and is still pretty fun. But beware progression and leveling is difficult!

New update just ruined the game!!!!

I’m having a really hard time grasping how in anyway making evolving heroes harder would be a good idea! The game was fine the way it was, and I think I speak for a lot of players that we just wanted you guys to finish what has been promised for so long. It was as already very time consuming to evolve heroes but it’s just pointless to even try now. Not sure what you guys were smoking when you decided to go this route with the game. Very disappointed as I have spent a considerable amount of real money to get to where I am just to have this new update kill the game and any fun playing it. Hope you guys actually listen to the people that are lining your pockets so we can continue having fun. But with this new update i don’t see any point of playing as it will be zero fun. And on top of that half my guild straight up just deleted the game because they feel the same as I do. So either fix it or see this game die very quickly!

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